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Google Adwords certification study guides (fundamentals / advanced)

Updated: 15/01/2014 (Google Partners Program)

Looking to expand your Adwords knowledge? Whether or not you actually manage Adwords campaigns, an understanding of how they work and paid media terminology in general is always going to be a benefit to you.

A lot of people will thus look to Google Exams to help with this, as they bundle revision with certification. To help with this, I've listed some Google Adwords Certification study guides that may aid in getting you through both the Fundamental and Advanced Search exams.

It is perfectly possible to pass your Google Adwords exam without the need for physical guides or online revision packages. However if you do need some additional reading or would like something for your desk, check this book - Google AdWords For Dummies - Amazon.

Introducing Google Partners program - things have now changed.

In short, things are become a whole lot more clean when it comes to revision resources. Digging around for Google Adwords Certification study guides for your Fundamentals / Advanced Search exams is far less important post Google Partners launch.

1. Official Google Study Guides

The Google Partners area provides all the initial steps to get you up and running. You will be able to access to seminars, study guides and much more. Essential for you kicking off your Google Adwords Certification study.

2. Google Adwords Help Centre 

Provides help resources for terminology and a run through ranging from basic setup and basics to billing. A strong resource for referencing as opposed to studying for your exam directly.

3. Google Adwords Interface 

The Adwords interface will give you the best exposure possible help for you to pass your exam. You will need a valid Google account alongside a name, address and credit card. Don't worry, you can remove your card once you are setup.

The real value is assigning budgets and getting some campaigns live. Google regularly provide vouchers of around $50 to new customers via email to get people up and running, so look out for these in the days after activation. The Adwords Coupon page is also useful and currently has £75 free for a £25 spend (Confirmed live Jan 2014).

4. Google YouTube Adwords Playlist

Various videos on anything and everything Adwords. You can find a specific playlist for all the introductory videos for adwords via the link below.

5. Other Websites

Please note, these are additional resources are pretty out of date. However they do provide a bit more context for you if you have additional study time available.

I would also recommend downloading the free uCertify trial, as they do offer an extremely robust package with a decent number of questions available for free.

Good luck and let me know how you get on with your Google Adwords study!